DELTA students introduction
The Diagnostic English Language Tracking Assessment (DELTA) is an English language proficiency measurement system designed specifically for the post-secondary academic context. Through the DELTA, you can diagnose your strengths and weaknesses in reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary; track your English language gains; and plan your English language learning.

DELTA can help you track your academic English language proficiency. Results from DELTA tests will not appear on your official academic record.

After taking the DELTA tests, you will receive a diagnostic report on your language performance in the tests. Based on the results, you are encouraged to think about how you can work on the language skills that the report tells you that you need to improve or develop. This will include making use of the resources indicated in the DELTA Report.

We encourage you to work on your language needs regularly so that you can succeed in your University studies. By taking DELTA every year, you can determine whether your language proficiency has improved and which skill(s) you should focus on. This will enable you to graduate with an English proficiency level that can help you succeed at work or in further study.
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