The GSLPA (English) is a reliable and accurate assessment of candidates' proficiencies in written and spoken English for workplace communication. The candidates are normally students in their final year of tertiary education, though the Assessment can be taken by alumni. The GSLPA provides potential employers with a clear statement about candidates' current abilities in English.

The Assessment is administered by the English Language Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It is geared towards the professional communication that new graduates will face in their careers.

  2016/17 Semester 2 GSLPA (English) tests enrolment  
  You can take the GSLPA (English) tests if you have completed half of your course of study. Details on the online enrolment period can be found here.
  Students entering PolyU after 2011-12 are not required to take the GSLPA as a graduation requirement unless they belong to certain programmes. Please check with your department if you are not sure whether you need to take the GSLPA or not.






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